ABSOP: Continuum of Care

The Accountability Based Sex Offender Program: Continuum of Care (COC) is a community-based program providing assessment, therapeutic treatment, transitional living, and mentoring services to three populations of youth with sexual behavior problems. The populations include youth that have been released from residential placement, youth identified as sexually reactive children who require early intervention (age ranging from 10 to 12), and youth that have been referred for alternative sentencing because it has been determined that services can be provided safely in the community. COC services are provided in fifteen (15) Alabama counties. Additionally, the COC will accept referrals for youth assessment from contiguous counties and assist with identifying possible placement options and treatment recommendations.

The COC is designed to address issues associated with adolescent sex offending behavior and to provide a rehabilitative support network for adjudicated youth returning to selected counties in Alabama on aftercare, and to provide intensive community-based treatment services to youth not suitable for residential placement. This program helps sex offending youth maintain and attain successful treatment gains, build upon family and community strengths, and provide adequate relapse prevention services including case management and mentoring.

The COC Mission: To establish a continuum of care aimed at fostering accountability, relapse prevention, community safety, and positive growth for youth in need of diversion, alternative sentencing options, transitional services, and aftercare treatment. This program mission is fulfilled by making available at a minimum the following treatment services:

  • Psychosexual assessment and recommendations for appropriate treatment intervention
  • Alternative sentencing individual or group treatment
  • Individual or group treatment for sexually reactive children
  • Transitional and community services
  • Mentoring
  • Behavior monitoring
  • Family Support
  • Risk assessment
  • Individualized service plan
  • Case Management Services