Field Education Washington, DC Program Comments

People talking with one another in a meeting.Here’s what a sampling of program graduates had to say:

  • “While being the first BSW students in the Department of Defense felt at times stressful, the reward was much higher than I could have ever imagined or experienced anywhere else. People throughout the hospital knew who we were. Everyone wanted us to be successful, so everyone looked out for us. Everyone, especially in the department of Social Work, was willing to let us shadow them, ask them questions, and provide assistance with anything we needed. Being the first five BSW students overall provided a social work experience I could not have gotten anywhere else.” Stephanie Craig, BSW DC student 2014
  • “The DC program was such an amazing experience!  I never thought that I would ever work, let alone live in a big city.This experience forced me out of my comfort zone and forced me to take on challenges that have helped me to grow personally and professionally. This experience taught me more than I ever could have imagined!!”  Stephanie Clark, 2010, HSC Pediatric Center
  • “The DC experience made me a better social worker, thinker and person.  I was thrown into an environment where I was forced to work hard, learn quickly, and manage my time well.  It was wonderful.  The DC experience gives you a look outside the world of social work in Alabama and encourages you to come back home and make things better.”  Emily Robertson, Sasha Bruce Youthworks, 2010
  • “The DC program was a life-altering experience. It provided me with the opportunity to grow closer to my classmates, meet people from all over the world, and experience life and the field of social work outside of what I was accustomed to.”  Amanda Liles, Georgetown University Hospital, 2010
  • “The best learning experience of my life!!”  Julie Holden, National Naval Medical Center, 2010
  •  “My DC experience was fantastic! It changed my life, both personally and professionally.”  Shante Hamm, Children’s National Medical Center, 2010
  • “The D.C. experience has, by far, been the most challenging and exciting adventure I have ever taken.  The internships, hearings, briefings, and every other D.C. activity has helped me to become a more committed, passionate and educated social worker.  I would highly recommend that students take this once in a lifetime opportunity.”  Haley Watkins, National Disabilities Rights Network, 2007
  • “The University of Alabama’s D.C. experience is unlike any other around. There are few programs in the country willing to go to such extremes in ensuring that students are fully able to integrate the academic experience into a practical setting that fully translates, and prepares, students to enter and become leaders in the field of their choosing. For myself, I am forever indebted for the guidance and professional compass that my Alabama D.C. professors demonstrated to me–an aspect that has yet to fade away.”  David Laird, Child Welfare League of America, 2005