PhD Program

Brenda D. Smith, PhD. Welcome! The PhD Program at the University of Alabama’s School of Social Work prepares social work scholars who will conduct research, teach, and advance social work knowledge. The School’s faculty and staff are committed to doctoral education and to our students’ success.

The curriculum focuses on qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistics, practice theory, social welfare policy, and substantive areas of interest to students. Courses also enable students to apply content to their own research interests. In addition, the Ph.D. program provides students opportunities for research collaboration, co-authorship on manuscripts and presentations, and teaching in the classroom and online.

Our faculty members have a range of research interests, including special expertise in aging and end of life, child maltreatment, health and mental health, international social work, and social welfare policy. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members.

Many students receive teaching and research assistantships with stipends and tuition waivers. Some special scholarships are available as well. Our doctoral students have an excellent completion rate and success in securing faculty and research positions in social work programs throughout the country.

Please browse around on our web site to learn more about our program. Also, please contact me to learn more or ask any questions about the PhD Program in Social Work at The University of Alabama.

Brenda D. Smith, PhD
PhD Program Director