Current Students Computing Services

The School of Social Work maintains a student computer laboratory in 218 Little Hall. The lab is equipped with approximately 25 IBM compatible personal computers and 2 laser printers. The laboratory is staffed with graduate assistants approximately 20-30 hours per week. Social Work graduate students and undergraduate students have access to the lab at any time Little Hall is open, except when a class is in session in the lab. Instructions on how to close the lab and set the intrusion alarm are posted at the door for any student leaving the lab after normal business hours if no other students are working in the lab.

Students may use a variety of software packages and interfaces in the lab, including: word processing, spreadsheets, statistics, electronic mail, electronic interface with the UA ­libraries, access to the Internet, scholarship information, and field placement information.

For assistance with using the lab, students should consult with the lab assistants (their hours are posted on the wall outside the lab), their instructors for classes requiring lab usage, and/or Lynn Tobola, the School’s librarian.

All graduate students and undergraduate students admitted to the professional program are given accounts on the social work local area network while in the program that will remain current as long as they are enrolled. Freshman and sophomore social work students may also establish accounts upon application to the network administrator. All University students are now given Bama accounts through the University’s Computer Center upon registration. Problems regarding this university computer account should be directed to the OIT Service Desk, 125 Gordon Palmer Hall, 205-348-HELP (4357),