Current Students Activity/I.D. Cards

The University requires that you have an identification card with your name and picture. Called the Action Card, it is both a debit and an identification card. Your student number is encoded magnetically in your card along with the services to which you have access. This card provides identification for library services, university sporting events, access to certain buildings and parking decks, meal ticket and vending machine charge privileges, AT&T calling, and many other services. It is invaluable for university activities and resources and in cashing checks in the Tuscaloosa community.

It is the student’s responsibility to have an Action Card made at 451 Campus Drive E. (Campus Dr. Deck) during orientation. Time will be made available during the program orientation for those students who have not had pictures made. For more information or to report a lost or stolen card, contact the Action Card Office, 205-348-2288 or 1-800-474-2288, or e-mail: