Current Students Disability/Health Services

Disability Services

Any student who because of a disability needs special arrangements or accommodations to meet the requirements of a course must present documentation of the disability to the Office of Disability Services, 205-348-4285. This office will prepare letters addressed to the student’s instructors that indicate the accommodation to which the student is entitled. It is the student’s responsibility to present the accommodation letter to each of his/her instructors. The instructor should sign the letter and return it to the Office of Disability Services.

Instructors with questions or concerns about the special arrangements or accommodations should consult with the Office of Disability Services and/or the Office of the Associate Dean in the School of Social Work.

Health Services

If you are a currently enrolled student with a valid Action Card, you are automatically eligible for all services provided by the Student Health Center (SHC), located at 750 5th Avenue East, 205-348-6262. Services are not available when school is not officially in session.

Your student health fee provides access to all SHC services and covers the cost of the SHC’s nursing, assessment, triage, health education, health promotion, and counseling services. As is true in other health care settings, there is a charge for office visits with the SHC’s health care providers, for X-rays, and for laboratory tests. The SHC accepts all health insurance plans and will bill your health insurance carrier for these services. The SHC provides health care for all eligible students whether or not they have health insurance and without regard for their ability to pay.

The SHC charges for any co-payments required under students’ health insurance plans, and there are fees for certain products and services such as orthopedic appliances issued and prescriptions filled at our pharmacy. The student is responsible for fees for any services of non-staff physicians or consultants and for the costs of hospitalization or services other than those provided at the Student Health Center.