Current Students Scholarships/Stipends

New and continuing MSW students can apply for three different types of scholarships. The School of Social Work awards scholarships that are available only to our new and continuing students; The University of Alabama awards scholarships available only to new and continuing UA students; and many scholarships are available externally to The University. In addition to scholarships, the School of Social Work provides small stipends to a number of students. The second page of the MSW-Application provides information we use in awarding scholarships and stipends. Students may update that form at any time. Procedures and time lines regarding applications for specific scholarships are announced in the student news.

Some second-year MSW field education placement agencies award stipends. Please check with the Field Education Coordinator, Allison Curington, regarding those stipends.

Additional information about scholarships and stipends is provided in the 2014-2015 MSW Handbook. For more information, visit our MSW Application Materials page.

Students interested in other forms of financial aid should review the Financial Aid website or call a financial aid counselor at 1-205-348-6756.