Tuscaloosa REACTS Conference featuring Keynote Speaker Dr. Glenn N. Saxe, clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine

Mar. 31, 2017

The School of Social Work’s Youth Services Institute and the College of Continuing Studies are sponsoring Tuscaloosa REACTS, a one-day conference to educate community stakeholders about the causes and effects of childhood trauma. Learn more at reacts.ua.edu.

Keynote Speaker — Dr. Glenn N. Saxe

130215_nyu_portrait_138_gns_approvedTrauma can have devastating consequences on a child’s life — consequences that may or may not be obvious to parents, teachers, or other caregivers. In his work, Dr. Glenn Saxe, clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine, studies the impact of traumatic events on children and their families, and then help them to recover.  He created Trauma Systems Therapy (TST), a model of care for traumatized children that addresses both the individual child’s emotional needs as well as the social environment in which he or she lives. The TST model is used to teach other mental healthcare professionals how to diagnose and treat children following traumatic events. It is being used to successfully treat children throughout the country and around the world.