Evergreen School

YSI.picThe main goal of instruction is to help program youth meet the requirements for high school graduation or GED.

Each youth’s educational experience will be tailored to meet her specific needs. If a youth is working towards completing a High School Diploma, they will be taking courses on ACCESS. This educational program provides instruction by highly qualified teachers and course objectives will be taken from the Alabama Course of Study. Classroom teachers and staff are available to assist youth with lessons, activities, labs, etc. Work from a textbook may be given if needed, and all assignments will correlate with the ACCESS course work. The number of ACCESS courses taken will be determined by the WOW Education Coordinator. The number of ACCESS courses completed with a passing grade will determine how many credits are earned. Physical Education (PE) is part of the Evergreen School academic calendar and is required daily. Passing grades for PE may count towards a standard credit or an elective credit. All final credits will be determined by the WOW Education Coordinator.


The Evergreen School offers a GED program through Shelton State Community College. In order to obtain a GED, the youth must be at least 17 years old and withdrawn from school. If a youth is court ordered by the juvenile court judge to obtain their GED, the program will abide by the court ruling. The GED Coach from Shelton State will complete an evaluation to determine the appropriate grade level. Once that is determined, practice modules will be provided on the computer. A minimum of 30 clock hours must be accumulated on the modules before the GED coach will test. The GED Coach will monitor progress. Youth will be required to complete essays and practice tests. Once it is determined by the GED Coach that a youth is ready to take the GED test, a representative from Shelton State will come to the Evergreen School to administer the test. The Evergreen School has GED Practice Books available in the classroom for youth to work from if additional practice is needed.

For more information regarding the Evergreen School contact:

Dr. Jane Coleman
Education Coordinator
Working on Womanhood Program
The University of Alabama
Box 870317
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0317
205-343-2877 (fax)