Volunteer Opportunities

YSI.3Volunteers have a unique opportunity to be a mentor, a listening ear, and open youths eyes to the things they can achieve. The WOW program seeks to surround our youth with people who can help them grow and succeed. Volunteer applications are accepted for the following areas: educational tutor, individual youth sponsor, group sponsor, program activities sponsor, chaplain/religious service providers. The WOW Volunteer Information and Application have been provided. Submit completed application to:

Volunteer Coordinator
Working on Womanhood Program
The University of Alabama
Box 870317
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0317

Volunteer Creed
To Foster Creativity Rather Than Conformity
To Guide Rather Than Goad
To Clarify Rather Than Confuse
To Support Rather Than Supplant
To Respect Rather Than Judge
To Motivate Rather Than Captivate
To Listen Rather Than Tell
To Encourage Rather Than Discourage
To Link Rather Than Divide
To Innovate Rather Than Initiate
To Free Rather Than Limit
To Make Independent Rather Than Dependent