50th Planning Committee

The School of Social Work’s 50th Anniversary Planning Committee is charged with organizing events in celebration of the School’s 50th anniversary and promoting these events to our Social Work family — alumni, students, faculty, staff and community supporters. The planning committee and attendant subcommittees comprise of representatives from each of our constituencies. We welcome your comments and suggestions for how best to mark our rich history and legacy at The University of Alabama.¬†Your suggestions and feedback can be emailed to ealary@ua.edu.


Elizabeth Lary, Events Coordinator


Becky Corbett, Alumni Representative

Amber Capell, Development and Alumni Relations

Debra Nelson-Gardell, Faculty

Adrienne Nettles, Communications Specialist

Carroll Phelps, Faculty

Brodrick Ryans, Operations Coordinator

Amy Traylor, Faculty

Vikki L. Vandiver, Dean

Javonda Williams, Associate Dean for Educational Programs and Student Services