No Picture

Barnes, Carrie L., BS

Research Program Assistant
(205) 348-4686

Picture of Beck, Jill, JD

Beck, Jill, JD

Director of Youth Services Institute
(205) 348-2992

Picture of Blackmon, Christopher, MEng

Blackmon, Christopher, MEng

Program Manager for Distance Education Programs
(205) 348-4669

Picture of Denton, Melody, BS

Denton, Melody, BS

Title IV-E Stipend Program Coordinator
(205) 348-0207

Picture of Dillon, Amy, BS

Dillon, Amy, BS

Grants and Contracts Specialist
(205) 348-4683

Picture of Doss, Jacqueline, MS

Doss, Jacqueline, MS

SBIRT Health Educator
(205) 348-0527

Picture of Durand, Barry, BS

Durand, Barry, BS

Office Associate Senior
(205) 348-0626

Picture of Gaddis, Angelia

Gaddis, Angelia

Program Assistant, Youth Services Institute
(205) 348-6625

Picture of Gilmer, John, MA

Gilmer, John, MA

Coordinator of Field Placements
(205) 348-4998

Picture of Hannah, Karen

Hannah, Karen

Accounting Assistant, Youth Services Institute
(205) 348-8226

Picture of Higgins, Melody L.

Higgins, Melody L.

DOJ Graduate Research Assistant

Picture of Holmes, Lauren, PhD

Holmes, Lauren, PhD

SBIRT Field Data Supervisor
(205) 348-4731

Picture of Holt, Kristy, MSW

Holt, Kristy, MSW

Title IV-E Coordinator and Training Specialist
(205) 348-0753

Picture of Johnson, Lindsey, BA

Johnson, Lindsey, BA

Coordinator of Events and Alumni Relations

Picture of Lim, Christian

Lim, Christian

Alabama Statewide Human Trafficking Protocol Project Administrator

Picture of McCall, Donna, MS

McCall, Donna, MS

Field Education Specialist
(205) 348-5544

Picture of McIntosh, Shanna, MA

McIntosh, Shanna, MA

Vital Project Director

Picture of Miller, David, BA

Miller, David, BA

Communications Specialist

Picture of Montgomery, Gwen, BA

Montgomery, Gwen, BA

BSW & PhD Program Assistant
(205) 348-6791

No Picture

Naranjo, Wanda, MA

Program Assistant for Administrative Services & DSW Program
(205) 348-4547

Picture of Porch, Mallory, BA

Porch, Mallory, BA

Accounting Assistant
(205) 348-3949

Picture of Ross, Tameka, AAS

Ross, Tameka, AAS

Program Assistant for Advancement & Events
(205) 348-7663

Picture of Sella, Mary, MSW

Sella, Mary, MSW

Coordinator of Student Services
(205) 348-8557

Picture of Siler, Morion, MSW

Siler, Morion, MSW

Coordinator of Student Services
(205) 348-5897

Picture of Smith, Jennifer, MSW

Smith, Jennifer, MSW

SBIRT Project Coordinator
(205) 348-2238

Picture of Stewart, Aubrey, MPA

Stewart, Aubrey, MPA

Recruitment Coordinator
(205) 348-5272

Picture of Sullivan, Heather, MS

Sullivan, Heather, MS

(205) 348-3928

Picture of Thomas, Jennifer, BS

Thomas, Jennifer, BS

Dean's Assistant
(205) 348-3924

Picture of Wright, Laurie, BA

Wright, Laurie, BA

Director of Development
(205) 348-7109

Picture of Young-Hobbs, Angela, BS

Young-Hobbs, Angela, BS

(205) 348-3436