Kevin Corcoran
Dr. Kevin Corcoran, professor of social work, is using innovative approaches to teaching social work to students.

Kevin Corcoran, professor of social work, encourages students to think of practical, creative and innovative ways to impact the field of social work.

Some of his students at UA created a tote bag that had simple meal recipes printed on each side. The recipes were influenced by items available through the WIC program and could hold 40 pounds of food. The students made 200 bags and gave them away for free to food banks. Corcoran’s students also created the “Love Cub,” a teddy bear that has recordings of words of encouragement for children who are admitted to hospitals.

“I gave them a six-word assignment to ‘invent something that improves social work,’” Corcoran said. “The idea is that, if you can be creative over here, you can be creative over there. They all get so enthusiastic about their inventions. It enhances their sense of what they can do.”

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