Cain, Daphne S., PhD

Title IV-E Principal Investigator, Professor, and Editor in Chief of Best Practices in Mental Health
Contact Information
  • Office: 2031 Little Hall
  • Phone: (205) 348-9902
  • Email:
Areas of Interest and Expertise
  • Child Welfare Training
  • Disaster Mental Health
  • Parenting Interventions
  • Spirituality and Religion

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  • BA in psychology, North Carolina State University
  • MSW, East Carolina University
  • PhD, University of Tennessee


Dr. Cain has 24 years of experience in clinical social work practice and 17 years of experience in social work education, nine of those years in administration. Her areas of scholarship, funding and research interests include disaster mental health, parenting interventions with high-risk and vulnerable families, religion/spirituality and social work practice and child welfare training. She previously served as chair and professor of the School of Applied Sciences, Department of Social Work at the University of Mississippi. Additionally, she held the positions of interim dean and MSW Director in the School of Social Work at Louisiana State University (2009-2014).

Selected Publications:

Cain, D. S. & Loprinzi, P. D. (in press). Suicidal ideation and all-cause mortality risk. Best Practices in Mental Health.

Wilks, S. E., Boyd, P. A., Bates, S. M., Cain, D. S. & Geiger, J. R. (in press). Montessori-based activities among persons with late-stage dementia: Evaluation of mental and behavioral health outcomes. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice.

Wilks, S. E., Cain, D. S., Reed-Ashcraft, K. B. & Geiger, J. R. (2017). Gerontological competencies among MSW students: Evaluation of a gerontology specialization program. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 60(8), 606 – 618.

Cain, D. S. (2015). Katrina: Reflections on a social work career 10 years later. Reflections, 15(1), 21 – 37.

Cain, D. S., & Barthelemy, J.J. (2015). The New Orleans’ religious community rebuilds after Hurricane Katrina. Race, Gender & Class, 1082 – 8354, 184 – 196.

Blackmon, B. J. & Cain, D. S. (2015). Case manager perspectives on the effectiveness of an elementary school truancy intervention. School Social Work Journal, 40(1), 1 – 22.

Blackmon, B. J. & Cain, D. S. & Livermore, M. (2015). Juvenile court dispositions in the deep south: Examining the concept of justice by geography. Journal of Social Sciences, 11(2), 82-90.

Loprinzi, P. D. & Cain, D. S. (2015). Updated trends in suicidal ideation among U.S. adults, 2005 – 2012. Preventive Medicine, 78, 14-16.

Novoa, M. P. & Cain, D. S. (2014). The effects of reiki treatment on mental health professionals at risk for secondary traumatic stress: A placebo control study. Best Practices in Mental Health, 10 (1), 29 – 46.

Hill, T. D. & Cain, D. S. (2012). Perceived welfare caseworker support and psychological distress among low-income urban women with children. Social Work, 57(4), 353- 360.

Hill, T. D., Maccio, E. M., Cain, D. S., & Burdette, A. (2012). Client perceptions of welfare caseworker support and client mental health: Longitudinal evidence from the Welfare, Children, and Families Project. Social Service Review, 86(4), 594 – 603.

Cain, D. S., Plummer, C. A., *Fisher, R. M. & Bankston, T. Q. (2010). Weathering the storm: Persistent effects and psychological first aid with children displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, 3(4), 330-343.

Rhodes, J. L. F., *Thomas, J. H., Lemieux, C. M., Cain, D. S. & Guin, C. C. (2010). Truancy assessment and service centers (TASC): Engaging elementary school children and their families. School Social Work Journal, 35(1), 83–100.


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