Li, Qingyi

PhD Student
A female university student poses for a photo
Contact Information Areas of Interest and Expertise
  • Children and Youth

Previous Education

  • BS in sociology, The University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai
  • Master of Law in social work, China Youth University for Political Sciences, Beijing

Background and Professional Experience

Li chose her research interest in social work after having an internship at the CNU Study and Service Center of Juvenile Justice Social Work and the detention center in Beijing, China. During her internship involving juvenile delinquents, she was overwhelmed by the number of children coming from broken families or estranged parent–child relationships. Others were even abused or maltreated by their own families.

Research Interests

  • Risk factors for violence among school-aged children
  • Risk factors for mental health disorder and substance abuse among adolescents
  • Adolescent behavioral health
  • Advanced statistics
  • Child Welfare
  • Health disparities

Teaching Interests 

  • Human Behaviors and Social Environment I&II
  • Quantitative Research Method
  • Mixed Research Methods
  • Juvenile Delinquency & Crime
  • Child Welfare and Family Service
  • Social Welfare
  • History of Social Welfare

Post-Graduate Plans

Upon completing her Ph.D. studies, Li plans to become a social work professor and conduct research on the assessment of risks. She hopes her doctoral studies will be valuable in helping to facilitate the fulfillment of her objective to acquire professional and relevant knowledge in risk assessment for the child welfare system and to evaluate intervention studies provided for children who were abused.