Simon, Cassandra E., PhD

Associate Professor
Contact Information Areas of Interest and Expertise
  • Advocacy
  • Community Engagement
  • Health Disparities
  • Human Rights
  • Race Relations
  • Social Justice


  • BA, University of New Orleans
  • MSW, Louisiana State University
  • PhD, University of Texas at Arlington


  • Editor of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES).  JCES is a peer-reviewed international journal through which faculty, staff, students, and community partners disseminate scholarly works.  JCES integrates teaching, research, and community engagement in all disciplines, addressing critical problems identified through a community-participatory.
  • Williams, J., Simon, Cassandra,  & Bell, Amber (2015).  Missing the Mark: The Image of the Social Work Profession in an African-American Community.  Journal of Ethnic And Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 24(1), 56-70.  doi 10.1080/15313204.2014.954.
  • Ai, A., Plummer, C., Kanno, H., Heo, G., Appel, H., Simon, C., & Spigner, C. (2011). Positive traits versus previous trauma: Racial different correlates with PTSD symptoms among Hurricane Katrina-Rita volunteers. Journal of Community Psychology, 39, 4, 402-420.
  • Ai, A., Plummer, C., Heo, G., Lemieux, C., Simon, C., Taylor, P., & Copeland, V. (2011) Racial identity-related differential attributions of inadequate responses to Hurricane Katrina: A social identity perspective. Race and Social Problems, 3, 13-24.
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