Welcome to the Stipend Recipient Hub!

The Stipend Recipient Hub (SR Hub) is specifically designed for Title IV-E stipend students. The purpose of the hub is to provide stipend students with a comprehensive source of materials to guide them through their Title IV-E field placements. The hub also is a valuable resource for employees of the Alabama Department of Human Resources. We encourage you to read the Stipend Recipient Guide for directions on how to use information within the hub.

Learning Activities

As a stipend recipient, you are required to complete and submit a minimum of one learning activity each week of your field placement.


Documents in this section serve as quick reference guide and are primarily to assist you with your learning activities.

AL DHR Overview

Documents in this section are related to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, state job applications, and BSW and MSW job descriptions.

Self Care

This section provides assessments designed to increase your awareness  around self care, and the importance it will play in your role as a social worker. Assessments are recommended, but voluntary.

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