Learning About DHR  and DHR Jobs

The Title IV-E Stipend Program provides monetary stipends through a partnership between the  Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) and accredited social work programs in Alabama. The partnership is funded with federal dollars from the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program of the Social Security Act and administered by The University of Alabama School of Social Work. The stipends are specifically designated for students planning to pursue a career in public child welfare with the Department of Human Resources. For more information about the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR), please access their website.

The Alabama State Personnel Department website will be your source for all forms, documents, and information during the job application process.

The Site Map link located near the bottom of the main page of the state’s website contains many documents and links to information that will be helpful to you as a Title IV-E Stipend Recipient.

The Employment Opportunities section of the Site Map page contains links to state job postings. As a Title IV-E Stipend Recipient you must apply for one of the following positions based on your degree:

  • BSW students apply for Social Worker 1 (50248-000)
  • MSW students apply for Senior Social Worker 1 (50221-000)

Included in the Job Announcement for each of these positions is a Willingness Questionnaire. This document is required to be completed and submitted along with your State of Alabama job application and resume.

The Applicant Career Path section of the Site Map page contains documents and links you will need during the application process. Some of those are listed below:

  • State of Alabama job application
  • Create an Account, Find a Job and Apply Online
  • Check you Register Standing

Recipients must submit their State of Alabama job application and Willingness Questionnaire to TitleIV-E@ua.edu for compliance review during the first month of the semester of graduation. The recipient must indicate non-binding preferences for a minimum of three regions they would be willing to accept employment. Date of availability for interviews indicated on the job application must be the same date the application is completed, not their graduation date.

After both documents are received and approved by the Title IV-E Stipend Program Coordinator, the recipient must apply for employment with DHR via the process outlined on the Alabama State Personnel Department website.

It is the responsibility of the stipend recipient to update the Title IV-E Stipend Program Coordinator on all scheduled interviews, and offers of employment with DHR.


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