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Effective advising promotes a partnership between the student and advisor. Advisors in the School of Social Work are committed to working with students to develop an individual plan for success based on academic, personal and professional goals while utilizing the appropriate university resources. Ultimately, students are expected to accept overall responsibility for their education. The School of Social Work shares the vision and mission of the University as a whole.

BSW  Advising

Incoming BSW students will be assigned an advisor to work with as they move through our undergraduate degree program. Advising assignments are made approximately 2-3 weeks after the start of the fall and spring semesters. BSW students are required to meet with an advisor each semester to be cleared for registration. Current BSW students can locate the name of their assigned advisor on their Degree Works worksheet.

Students who are transferring to the School of Social Work from another College at UA or from another university or community college may contact Mary Sella, coordinator for student services, to schedule an advising appointment.

BSW Advising FAQs

Learn more about BSW Advising in our Frequently Asked Questions! (pdf)

Office of the Registrar Resources

Reinstatement from Academic Suspension

As with the University, the School of Social Work expects all enrolled undergraduate students to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree. Students must meet the University’s minimum required cumulative grade point average (GPA) as outlined in the Scholastic Progress Standard (SPS) of the UA Undergraduate Catalog. Students who are at risk of not earning a credit or who are seeking readmission from academic suspension should contact the BSW Program Director or the BSW Coordinator for Student Services.

General BSW Advising Questions

The BSW Advising Team is made up of faculty and staff who are dedicated to assisting students in developing a plan for achieving academic and professional goals.

BSW advisors can assist students with information about Social Work as a profession, registering for classes, and academic planning. Advisors also have information about on- and off-campus resources to help guide students throughout their academic journey with us.

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MSW Advising

The MSW Program places a high value on the advising process to ensure the success of MSW students.

The MSW Program Director assigns advisors to students early each fall semester. Students are notified of their assigned advisor in an email sent to their Crimson email account. The MSW Program Director serves as the advisor for Advanced-Standing students and 60-Credit-Hour distance learning students during their first semester. Advisors’ office hours are posted near their offices.

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PhD Advising

All entering PhD students are assigned to the PhD Program Director for advising. Through the first year, students get to know faculty members and choose a permanent advisor.

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DSW Advising

All entering DSW students are assigned to the DSW Program Director for advising. Through the first year, students get to know faculty members and choose a permanent advisor.

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