SW 457/SW 557: Social Services in Mexico 

This course will expose students to social services as delivered in the Mexican culture. Supporting of the mission of the School, the course will focus on services to poor and underserved. The purpose of the course is to prepare students to work with the fastest growing immigrant population in the United States. Students will live with Mexican host families, participate in Spanish language classes, seminars on Mexican culture, social services, and other important social aspects, such as the influence of religion in the culture. Services across the lifespan will be examined. 

Interim 2022: 3 Semester Credit Hours

Instructor: Ellen L. Csikai, MSW, MPH, Ph.D

Office: 2012 Little

Office hours: By appt.

Phone: 205-348-4447 (office); 205-310-7644 (cell)

e-mail: ecsikai@sw.ua.edu

While in Mexico, I will be able to be reached 24 hours a day via cell phone (call or text), through Cemanahuac (main office number during the day or the director in the evening) or the host family. Before the trip and after we return, you are encouraged to e-mail, visit my office or telephone for any assistance that you may require. Office hours prior to travel will be by appointment, although I am in my office at many other times as well. It is preferable to call to set up an appointment. E-mail is always a convenient way to communicate with me. I check e-mail regularly, including evenings and weekends.

TRAVEL DATES: May 8-22, 2022