YSI’s Multidisciplinary Abuse Prevention Services (MAPS) program provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment services to youth ages 9-14 with problematic sexual behaviors (PSB), their families and victims. YSI has partnered with the Tuscaloosa Children’s Center to offer the MAPS program to Tuscaloosa County.


To establish a multidisciplinary approach to expand the reach of services for youth with problematic sexual behaviors while providing support and intervention for victims and their families to promote healing and address multidimensional issues in Tuscaloosa County.


 Maps provides the following services:

  • Psychosexual assessment and recommendations for appropriate treatment intervention
  • Evidence-based treatment for youth with PSB, families and victims
  • Individual or group treatment for youth with problematic sexual behaviors and their caregiver(s)

  • Individualized service plans
  • Case Management Services
  • Trauma services for victims and the youth with PSB

Treatment Goals and Themes

 MAPS’ treatments and goals are based on the following:

  • Sexual behavior rules/Alabama laws
  • Creation and implementation of safety plan
  • Impulse control and coping strategies
  • Victim awareness and empathy
  • Self-control and behavior management
  • Family reunification, when indicated

  • Sexual health
  • Healthy relationships
  • Parent participation
  • Abuse awareness and prevention
  • Trauma informed intervention

Treatment Models

Model I

Youth with problem sexual behavior and their caregivers will receive Problem Sexual Behavior-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (PSB-CBT), which is an evidence based treatment modified for youth, ages 9 to 14.

Model II

Victims, as indicated, will receive Trauma Focused– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), which is an evidence-based treatment for children ages 3-18 who have survived a traumatic event.


The MAPS program accepts referrals for youth (ages 9-14) with problematic sexual behaviors, their caregivers, and victims from juvenile court, child advocacy center, schools, mental health providers and other community providers in Tuscaloosa County. Victims will receive services through a partnership with Tuscaloosa Children’s Center (TCC), Tuscaloosa County’s child advocacy center.

Youth will be assessed to determine his/her appropriateness for the program. If accepted, the youth with PSB and caregiver will be assigned a therapist and services will be provided for a minimum of one hour face-to-face contact per week. Services for victims will be determined by individual needs and TCC’s recommendations.

Online Forms


Questions regarding the program, and referral form requests and/or submissions also can be made via:

Youth Services Institute
Attn: MAPS
Box 870316
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Phone: 205-348-6625
Fax: 205-348-5721
E-mail: ysi@ua.edu