A Message From the Dean:

We are all moving into some uncharted territory. But know that the School of Social Work is ready to support our students during these challenging times.

You have already received notification that the University has extended Spring Break for students until March 30.  The UA campus resumed limited business operations on March 23, but without classes to give all of our faculty the necessary preparation time to move courses online beginning March 30.

To accommodate the extended break, the spring semester has been shortened by a week; there will not be an extra week added to the end of the semester. Your professors will be adjusting their syllabi and class schedules accordingly, so be sure to pay attention to any changes.

The extended spring break is for all students, including distance students. Your professors will be making adjustments to course schedules for all classes, even those that you are already taking online.

If you are in field this semester, you will have already received ample information from the Field Office on how to manage your placements. Be sure to keep in touch with them.

The School will have to cancel some of the Spring events, but we will move many of them online to keep our scholarly life as normal as possible over the next few weeks.

The following UA events have been either canceled or postponed, or are now being held virtually. Be on the lookout for information from the School about reschedule dates:

  • Commencement
  • Honors Day
  • All Social Work Month/Own Your Vote Events
  • Washington D.C. Fly-In (virtual)
  • Academic Awards Ceremony (to be held in August 2020)
  • Scholarship Luncheon
  • Dissertation defenses (virtual)

As we move forward, there will be challenges and unexpected issues, but know that our faculty and staff are there to help find solutions.  If you need assistance please reach out to your professors or School staff and let us help you.

Additionally, visit UA’s COVID-19 page for additional updates.

Stay safe and take care.

Dr. Lesley Reid
Interim Dean

**UPDATE 7-21-20**

Course Delivery Methods for Fall 2020:

We are excited to welcome you back for the fall semester soon. You can expect to see changes across campus to reflect our careful adherence to health and safety protocols, and be assured our commitment to your educational experience remains as strong as ever.

As you log in to your student account, you’ll see the last round of major changes made to the course delivery methods on your schedule. Our college faculty and staff have worked diligently in recent weeks to modify and schedule classrooms while adjusting their teaching formats to provide as many in-person class opportunities as possible.  Regardless of how a course is delivered, the content and learning outcomes remain the same.

To help you understand the course delivery methods, here’s how we are implementing them in the School of Social Work:

  • FA (Face-to-Face): These are traditional, fully in-person classes, with students attending all sessions in person.
  • AV (Audio/Visual): These classes will be taught online during the scheduled time; students will log in remotely for class. Your instructor will email you about the particular platform they will be using to deliver the class material.
  • IN (Internet): The class is fully online and the course content will be available for the students to complete on their own schedule.
  • HY (Hybrid): You may have hybrid classes in other Schools or Colleges. HY classes combine face-to-face instruction and online (IN or AV) instruction.  Your instructor will email you with specific information about the class schedule.

To the extent possible, course material for face-to-face classes will be available for you if you are unable to attend class in person due to health or safety precautions.  We are adding cameras and tools to our classrooms to facilitate making those class sessions accessible when your physical attendance is not advisable.

We know you will have many questions, and we will do our best to provide you the latest information. If you need to adjust your class schedule, please refer to the contact information below:

If you have questions about a specific class, please reach out directly to the listed instructor or the appropriate Program Director. All general questions about classes and schedules in the School of Social Work can be directed to Dr. Javonda Williams (Associate Dean for Educational Programs and Student Services, jwilliams11@sw.ua.edu).

We look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!


**UPDATE 4-23-20**

Summer semester information:

  • Most classes haven been moved online in the School of Social Work for summer
  • All Skills Labs will be held online for summer
  • Changes in summer field placement assignments were made on April 15. Please consult the field education webpage for more information.
  • Our MSW new student orientation for summer 2020 will be held Students will receive more information via email in the upcoming weeks. Sign up for a virtual information session.
  • The DSW residency will be held online for summer

Admissions information for BSW and MSW programs:

Admissions to School of Social Work MSW Program

  • The fall application deadline has been extended to April 15th. Only applications completed in full by April 15th will be
  • We join the Graduate School in waiving GRE scores for Fall 2020 admissions Applicants with an overall and last 60 hours GPA below a 3.0, but above a 2.5, will be considered without GRE/MAT scores. All other components of the application are required and applicant reviewers will use the standard criteria for application review. Applicants with GPAs between 2.5 and 3.0, will be considered only with exemplary statements of purpose and letters of recommendation.

 Admission to the School of Social Work BSW Professional Program

  • For admission to the professional program, a P earned in a preprofessional, prerequisite, or ancillary course in spring 2020 will be acceptable for

 Application deadlines for the PhD and DSW programs for fall 2020 have passed.

**UPDATE 4-23-20**

Pass/Fail Policy Details/FAQ

Pass/Fail Option for BSW Students

  • Social work courses at the 100-, 200-, and 300-levels are included in the university-wide pass/fail policy as it stands for professional This policy states that grades of D or below are considered as an F. Ancillary courses in other colleges, such as PY 101, BSC 109, etc., are covered under the university’s overall P/F in which any grade from A+ to D- will be reported as a P if the student selects the P/F option.
  • Professional program courses (400-level courses) are not included in the university-wide pass/fail policy, with the exception of SW 490, which is always a P/F course.

Pass/Fail Option for MSW Students

  • Because of state licensure requirements, MSW courses will not use the pass/fail policy, except for field courses (SW 590, SW 591, SW 595, SW 596, SW 534, SW 535).
  • All MSW courses, except field courses, will receive the normal letter grades at the end of the

BSW Pass/Fail Q-and-A: The list below contains the most frequently asked questions of this policy. Of course, if you have questions that are not answered below, we encourage you to visit the university’s FAQ page. If your questions are not answered there, please reach out to your advisor or to Dr. Amy Traylor, BSW program director.

Q: How does the UA policy impact social work courses?

A: Professional program courses (400-level courses) are exempt from the UA P/F policy, with the exception of SW 490, which is always a P/F course. Social work courses at the 100-, 200-, and 300-levels are included in the university’s policy as it stands for professional programs. This policy states that grades of D or below are considered as an F. Ancillary courses in other colleges, such as PY 101, BSC 109, etc., are covered under the university’s overall P/F in which any grade from A+ to D- will be reported as a P if the student selects the P/F option.

Q: Is the P/F grade based on the grade the student has on the day they select the option or on the final grade in the class?

A: The P/F grade is based on the final grade the student earns in the class.

Q: Will selecting the P/F option impact a student’s enrollment status?

A: No. It will not affect enrollment status calculation.

Q: If a student chooses the Pass/Fail option, will that course still count towards course fulfillment/degree requirements?

A: If the student receives a P in a class, it will count towards course fulfillment/degree requirements. If a student earns an F, it will not.

Q: How will selecting the P/F option impact a student’s transcript?

A: If a student selects the P/F option for a course, a grade of P or F will appear on the student’s transcript. A P on the transcript will indicate that the student has met the requirements for that course and it will count towards course fulfillment/degree requirements. An F on the transcript will indicate the student has not met the requirements and will need to repeat the course in order to meet course fulfillment/degree requirements.

Q: If a student has already been accepted into the MSW program and uses the P/F option, how will that impact their admission?

A: If a student has already been admitted, choosing to use the P/F option will not have an impact on that decision assuming there are no conditions that need to be met for admission. If a student has been accepted conditionally to a program, that student must meet those requirements. Earning a P in a class will fulfill any conditions based on successful course completion.

Q: How will the P/F policy affect a student’s financial aid?

A: Because there are often case-by-case issues related to financial aid, students are asked to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid atfinancialaid@ua.edu for individual assistance. However, a grade of P in a course will count towards the student’s completion rate.

Q: How will choosing the P/F option impact a student’s GPA?

A: The P grade is not counted in the grade point average nor used in the determination of honors, therefore it would not help a student who is attempting to improve their academic standing. Like a standard F grade, the F grade earned under the Pass/Fail Option will be included in the calculation of the grade point average.

Q: How will choosing the P/F option impact a student’s opportunities for graduate school or advance standing admission?

A: The decision was made not to include 400-level courses in the P/F option so that MSW admissions committees would have a clear picture of a student’s performance in the professional program courses. Across the country, advisors are suggesting that students who are planning to apply for graduate studies consider the impacts of this decision. Essentially, while admission to professional schools is holistic in nature, GPA remains important and a P grade will not factor into a student’s GPA. Given the option between a P/F or a letter grade, many programs are recommending that students complete the course with the letter grade (if it is C- or higher) rather than choosing the P. However, this is an individual decision and students should work with their advisors before making a decision if they are unsure.

Q: If a student wants to choose the P/F option for a course, how do they go about doing so?

A: There are instructions for changing a course to P/F.


Please note the following changes to the registration and drop/add schedule:

  • Priority registration for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 terms will begin Monday, March 30th. Registration time assignments for these terms have been updated on the University Registrar’s Website. To view your assigned registration time slot, go to the Student page in myBama and select “Registration Status” located under the “Registration Tools” menu.
  • The last day to drop a course with a grade of “W” for the Spring 2020 full term and Spring 2 has been extended to Friday, April 24.

All face-to-face advising appointments will be cancelled and will be re-scheduled as zoom or phone meetings for the remainder of the Spring semester. Social Work advisors will send out appointment reminders to all students who have not been advised for the upcoming summer and fall registration periods. Please consult Degree Works to identify your assigned Social Work advisor. Please contact the primary advising contacts for additional information, if Degree Works does not list your advisor, or if you need immediate advising assistance:

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Dr. Javonda Williams:



To protect students, agencies, and clients, all on-site field placements have been suspended indefinitely in favor of remote service.

This transition represents a dramatic and immediate shift for our students and partners, and we are striving to mitigate disruption to both student learning and client services. Safety, however, remains our highest priority, and slowing the pandemic has become our primary goal.

More information, including a timeline of events and decisions and archived virtual “town hall” sessions with students and faculty, can be found at the School’s Field Program web page, which will be updated periodically. That page will also include a publicly accessible Box folder that includes all relevant field resources.  This folder will be a site for ongoing collaboration between students, faculty, field instructors, and our program. We invite you to review the supplemental resources it will include and to contribute your own recommendations to it as you’re able.

SSW Virtual Q-and-A

The School held a virtual information session via Zoom to answer as many of your questions as we could on Thursday, March 26.  There will be a recording of the sessions distributed afterward for those who weren’t able to attend in real time.

UA Resources

   Health and Safety Information

Take care of yourselves. Get sleep, eat right, and wash your hands frequently. If you have flu-like symptoms, call your local health care provider or the Student Health Clinic (at 205-348-3854 or after hours at 205-348-0386) before visiting.  This will allow them to assess your symptoms to prevent the spread of any illness.  And keep up-to-date with the facts, key sources for information are:

   Other Information/Resources

  • The UA Counseling Center has telephone consultation and self-help resources available to Information is available on the Counseling Center’s website.
  • The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is holding virtual office You can contact team members between 8:00 and 3:00, Monday through Friday at 205-348- 3953 or via email at diversity@ua.edu.
  • Emergency financial assistance is available from the School of Social Work and the University of Please contact Dr. Javonda Williams (jwilliams11@sw.ua.edu). Emergency assistance from the University is also available for students through the Bama Cares Program.