We collaborate, innovate and transform to push new boundaries in social work education, research and teaching at The University of Alabama School of Social Work. Our constant pursuit of excellence is reflected in the quality and quantity of our degree programs. We’re the only social work school in Alabama offering three levels of social work education – BSW, MSW, DSW and PhD degrees – to students.

Our comprehensive degree programs allow students to participate in service-learning and field opportunities to gain hands-on social work practice while honing their skills in the classroom. Our innovative approach to learning continually attracts bright and talented students and top social work professionals seeking an education from a well-respected university with prestige behind its name.

Students in our BSW Program are prepared for entry-level careers in social and to work in a variety of settings serving diverse populations, from veterans and individuals to children and families. Our undergraduate students are trained to work with vulnerable populations to not only make a difference but to learn what motivates people in communities to make positive changes in their lives. Outstanding undergraduate social work majors can apply to our BSW Honors Professional Program, which stands out for being the only social work Honors program of its kind in the state.

Our graduate programs are nationally ranked by bestcolleges.com and U.S. News & World Report. Since 1965, we’ve produced highly skilled graduates in the social work profession through our Master of Social Work Program. At the master’s level, we seek to increase our students’ knowledge of social problems and their solutions, to improve social conditions of the state and beyond, and to promote social justice and human dignity for all people. Students in our MSW Program have the option to pursue the degree through our on-campus or primarily online formats or to combine our top-ranked MSW degree with a juris doctorate from UA’s School of Law or a Master of Public Health from The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health. Our PhD degree prepares social work scholars for research careers with a focus on theory, research methods, and critical evaluation of social work policies and practices. Our DSW degree prepares social work practitioners who have an MSW to become leaders within organizational settings, work with the highest degree of independence, and/or pursue a social work faculty appointment in higher education.

We welcome you to explore our degree programs and learn more about the excellent learning opportunities we offer students. You’ll discover that all of our degree programs are designed to ensure that our students excel as leaders in their communities and in their careers while meeting the needs of our state, region and nation.

Our Degree Programs


Our bachelor’s degree prepares students for professional practice, graduate study and to improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.


Our top-ranked master’s degree prepares students for advanced social work practice with an emphasis on public and non-profit social services and on community advocacy.


The PhD program is designed to prepare social work professionals for meaningful careers in research, scholarship, and social work education.

Field Education (BSW & MSW)

Our Field Education program offers diverse and unique field placements in-state, out-of-state and internationally.


Our primarily online DSW program offers two tracks in clinical practice and organizational leadership.

Coordinated Degree Programs

MSW/MPH Coordinated Degree Program >

Coordinated between UA’s School of Social Work and the School of Public Health at The University of Alabama-Birmingham, the MSW/MPH prepares social workers for interdisciplinary practice in public health programs concerned with the promotion and improvement of the health of diverse populations, including women, children and families.

MSW/JD Coordinated Degree Program >

Coordinated between UA’s School of Social Work and UA’s School of Law, our MSW/JD merges the closely aligned fields of social work and law to prepare students for careers in social justice, advocacy, organizational management and public policy.


Our rigorous BSW and MSW curricula meet the standards of the Council on Social Work Education, the accrediting body for social work professional education. Grounded in evidenced-based social work practice, our academic programs provide an enriching educational experience and innovative curricula to challenge students in the classroom and in field practicum settings.

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The program’s curriculum builds students’ practice and professional skills and understanding of values, diversity and promotion of social and economic justice to prepare students for graduate study in social work and related fields.

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The program’s professional foundation curriculum stresses life-course perspective, valuing diversity, critical and reflective thinking, evidence-based practice and interventions, and services to the poor and underserved.

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Our PhD curriculum focuses on qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistics, practice theory, social welfare policy, and substantive areas of interest to students. Students learn to apply content to their own research interests.

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Our DSW program curriculum focuses on organizational leadership and advanced clinical practice. Students learn to affect change in their communities by learning in courses emphasizing ethical research, advanced clinical practice skills, leadership development, and anti-oppressive theories.

MSW Distance Learning/Primarily Online Program

Our MSW distance learning/primarily online degree is designed for working professionals with busy schedules. With start dates in the spring and summer for our Advanced-Standing Program and summer for our 60-Credit Hour Program, you can start working toward advancing in your career and boosting your earning potential today.

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BSW Distance Learning/Primarily Online Program

Through research-based curriculum, gain the knowledge you need to serve clients of all ages in health care establishments and mental health and substance abuse centers, as well as school and family settings. This primarily online degree is identical to the widely respected main campus degree, so you can trust that you will be well-equipped for your career.

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DSW Distance Learning/Primarily Online Program

This highly selective DSW program is cohort based and allows you the benefit of enhanced collaboration and networking with peers. The program offers an advanced clinical practice track and an organizational leadership track so you can tailor your coursework to your professional goals.

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