Child Welfare

The UA School of Social Work is proud to serve as a host site for the Public Child Welfare Program, Title IV-E Stipend Program and Alabama Higher Education Consortium. The Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) administers the programs.

DHR employs approximately 1,200 social workers and case workers, many of whom are University of Alabama graduates, to address child abuse and neglect, provide family preservation services, support kinship, foster care and adoption services.

DHR also contracts with private agencies to provide community-based support services, group and residential services and trauma-informed treatments for children and their families.

Child Welfare Case Studies and Competencies

See our case studies and competencies to enhance your social work education/training and child welfare social work practice in Alabama.
Child Welfare Online Training

Alabama Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare

The Alabama Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare partners with DHR to provide quality child welfare services to the families in the state of Alabama through continued and enhanced educational and training opportunities for both prospective social work students and existing child welfare workers. The Consortium also works to maintain a strong level of support for DHR clients.

Title IV-E

The Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare voted to have the University of Alabama School of Social Work, under contract with DHR, administer the TitleIV-E Traineeship Initiative. The Title IV-E Traineeship has a two-fold purpose:
  •  To educate prospective child welfare workers
  • Provide continuing educational opportunities for existing child welfare workers
Title IV-E traineeships provide monetary stipends through a partnership between DHR and the Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare. The partnership is funded with federal dollars from the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program of the Social Security Act. The stipends are specifically designated for students planning to pursue a career in public child welfare with the Department of Human Resources.

Contact Information

Kristy Holt, MSW
Title IV-E Coordinator and Training Specialist University of Alabama
Office of the Dean 2143 Capital Hall,