Field Awards

BSW Field Student of the Year

  • Lekesha Broadhead

BSW DC Field Student of the Year

  • Hannah Kinney

MSW Field Student of the Year (distance learning)

  • Elizabeth Pritchett

MSW Field Student of the Year (main campus)

  • Niya Bonner

MSW DC Field Student of the Year

  • Whitney Zeigler

MSW Writing Awards

MSW Analytical/Technical Paper (Recognizes MSW students with excellent writing skills)

  • Anna Beatty

MSW Clinical Paper (recognizes MSW students with excellent writing skills)

  • Elizabeth Ashley-Pritchett

MSW Research Award

  • Kasey Atim

MSW Master’s Scholars

(Given to second year master’s students who have earned an overall grade point average of 4.0)

  • Madisyn Aaron
  • Lauren Allen
  • Elizabeth Ashley-Pritchett
  • Susannah Ayers
  • Stephanie Baker
  • McKenzie Banks
  • Jerikah Barnett
  • Emily Black
  • Kenneth Blackstone
  • Holly Blankenship
  • Destiny Blanks
  • Adam Booker
  • Miranda Brown
  • Leia Brown
  • Keeley Burgess
  • Kayla Burton
  • Brianna Carlson
  • Kathryn Coiner-Collier
  • Mary Collimore
  • Anna Cook
  • Jalisa Covin
  • Victoria Cranford
  • Hannah Davall
  • Nekkia Davis
  • Krista Day
  • Donna Duray
  • Andrew English
  • Loni Estes
  • Jessica Flemings
  • Melissa Gambill
  • Jamesha Gardner
  • Stacy Geary
  • Opal Goodwin
  • Rita Griffith
  • Megan Grubbs
  • Elena Guardia
  • Mackenzie Hardin
  • Mary Hicks

  • Mackenzie Hintson
  • Tatayana Hughes
  • Philecia Humphrey
  • Lanna Johnson
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Anna Jones
  • Jessie Jones
  • Brianna Juarez
  • Kristi Kakoliris
  • Dana Kelso
  • Nicole King
  • Sarah Klinger
  • Laura Leffel
  • Justyn Lopaczynski
  • Alyssa Markham
  • Ronterika Mathews
  • Courtney Miller
  • Olivia Miller
  • McKayla Miller
  • Kimberly Mitchell
  • Amber Moreman
  • Michelle Moss
  • Ana-Lee Murphy
  • Charity Obuya
  • Alexis Olsson
  • Ernest O’Toole
  • Katie Owens
  • Victoria Parsons
  • Hannah Price
  • Claire Reed
  • Adrian Russell
  • Shelby Ryland
  • Stephanie Schell
  • Sherri Seback
  • Marsena Sharp
  • Savannah Smith
  • Madison Smith
  • Keri Stinnett
  • Rachael Stinson
  • Aren Valrie
  • Bailey Versprille
  • Rebecca Walden
  • Leslie Wheat
  • Whitney Zeigler

PhD Awards

PhD Scholarship Award

(The doctoral student recipient is selected by the PhD Committee for their work in scholarship.)

  • Claudia Won
  • Zainab “Zee” Suntai

Outstanding Commitment to Teaching

(The doctoral student recipient is selected by the PhD Committee for their teaching.)

  • Jim Meadows

Outstanding Commitment to Service

(The doctoral student recipient is selected by the PhD Committee for their work in the community.)

  • Krystal Dozier

(DSO) Appreciation Award

  • Krystal Dozier

(DSO) Appreciation Award

  • Dr. Leah Cheatham

DSW Awards

Contribution to Scholarship Award

(Student recipient is selected by the DSW Program Committee for their work in scholarship, as evident by a noteworthy presentation accepted by a professional/academic conference or a manuscript submitted to a scholarly journal for publication.)

  • Chandler Caldwell
  • Miranda Goodwin

Writing to Advance Social Work Practice and Social Justice

(Recognizes excellence in writing to a DSW student whose work addresses significant issues in social justice.)

  • Amy Hurd

Leadership Award

(Recognizes the leadership skills and activities of a DSW student, either to the university, school, or external community.)

  • Sherron Wilkes

Contributions to SW Education 

(May be nominated for dedication to social work education at the University of Alabama or other Schools of Social Work. The recipient may receive the award for their teaching — either as adjunct or full-time instructors — field instruction/supervision, or administrative duties in social work education.)

  • Kimberly Lee Okonya

BSW Awards

Distinguished Scholars

(Given to all freshmen, sophomore and junior social work majors with an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher after completion of at least 12 semester hours at the University of Alabama.)

  • Anna Adams
  • Jaden Allen
  • Sophia Almanza
  • Rachel Arno
  • Maxine Baril
  • Sydney Batchelor
  • Natasha Bates
  • Chelsea Black
  • Lily Blankstein
  • Katrina Bode
  • Casey Buisson
  • Emma Butler
  • Keely Campbell
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Jessica Cicerone
  • Tacqua Clemon
  • Lauren Cowsar
  • Lorelei Deaton
  • Ellie Dingwall
  • Sydney Doggette
  • Emma Duplechain
  • Payton Durkac
  • Sarah Dyer
  • Julia Fenaroli
  • Hallie Foster
  • Sidney Gedgoudas
  • Sarah Grammer
  • Anna Grasso
  • Breanna Guy Irby
  • Emma Hall
  • Raven Hartsfield
  • Emma Higby
  • Hope Highfield
  • Trinity Jackson
  • Brooke Keefe

  • Mary Kinsey
  • Lauren Kirk
  • Rachel Klumpp
  • Kaylen Knight
  • Patricia Laguna
  • Kimora Leggett
  • Madison Love
  • Desirae Mallet
  • Katelyn McCann
  • Kayce Mckenzie
  • Stephanie Meek
  • Melissa Miller
  • Tomeka Mills
  • Katherine Moore
  • Princess Moore
  • Cynthia Morris
  • Abbey Moses
  • Audreviah Mosley
  • Shannon Narmour
  • Callie Nelson
  • Jessica Niemann
  • Magdalen Owens
  • Alanna Paschal
  • Reid Phaturos
  • Sydney Phillips
  • Sarah Pierce
  • Elizabeth Prophet
  • Isabella Raper
  • Shelby Riley
  • Christine Schmidt
  • Alexis Schoener
  • Emily Scull
  • Hope Seitz
  • Ashley Smith
  • Ariel Smith
  • Bailey Thompson
  • Yarbi Thornhill
  • Tamia Walton
  • Jessica Whigham
  • Margie Williams
  • Mariah Wilson
  • Miranda Wingard
  • Olivia Wood
  • Kennedy Zachery

Dean’s Scholars

(Seniors who have earned an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible for this award.)

  • Kathryn Brinkley
  • Leah Bryant
  • Raven Captain
  • Mischaela Cole
  • Mary Converse
  • Lowry Edge
  • Shaniya England
  • Kimri Goerke
  • Bailey Grathwohl
  • Daniel Griffin
  • Brileigh Hannah
  • Emily Hardy
  • Zoe Hatch
  • Miller Johnson

  • Miller Johnson
  • Tameria Jones
  • DeAnna Lockett
  • Kaley Loyd
  • Kourtney McCoy
  • Ashlyn Neal
  • Christianna Parker
  • Madeline Paul
  • Savannah Pearce
  • Lauren Rouse
  • Kaylee Schmidt
  • Kelsey Self
  • Anna Shull
  • Miriam Spearmon
  • Jeneciah Starling
  • Shannon Swigart
  • Kersten Taylor
  • Avery Walters

BSW Awards (cont.)

Excellence in Social Work Writing

(This award is presented at Honors Day to BSW students who display excellence in Social Work writing.)

  • Abbey Moses

Laura Langley Social Justice Award

(Given in memory of UA Social Work alumna Laura Langley (’11), who actively responded to social justice concerns on campus, in the community and nationally as a BSW student.)

  • Rebecca Buitendijk

Danielle Downs Award

(Created in memory of social work student Danielle Downs and honors the most improved BSW student.)

  • Emma Rice
  • Emily Mauer
  • Chloe Shell

Research and Creativity Conference Award

(This award recognizes BSW students who present research at UA’s Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference and is given at the discretion of the School.)

  • Yolanda Smith

Jean Rayfield Award

This award recognizes faculty and staff members of The University of Alabama School of Social Work for their outstanding contributions to the students. This award is given by the Undergraduate Social Work Organization and named after the first recipient, Jean B. Rayfield.

  • Dr. Laura Hopson