Stipend applications for Fall 2019 field placements are due by April 15.
The state’s Title IV-E Stipend Program provides stipends to university students at Alabama higher education institutions to help educate prospective child welfare workers and provide continuing educational opportunities for existing child welfare workers.


Students must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for a Title IV-E Stipend Program:

  • Must be a BSW student who is preparing to enter their field placement, be an Advanced Standing MSW student or MSW student in their second year with an emphasis on social work with children, adolescents and their families.
  • Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher for the last 30 semester hours of course work.

Application Process

Any student enrolled in an accredited social work program in the state of Alabama may apply for the Title IV-E Stipend through The University of Alabama School of Social Work Title IV-E Program. Applicants for a Title IV-E Stipend will need to complete a Title IV-E Stipend application and participate in an interview with members of the Title IV-E Stipend Program Committee.

Students are expected to inform the field coordinator at their respective college or university of their interest in the Title IV-E Stipend Program. Once the student, in collaboration with their field coordinator, has secured a placement in a county DHR office or, if currently employed with DHR, in an appropriate child welfare placement, the student will complete the Title IV-E Stipend Application and return it to The University of Alabama School of Social Work Title IV-E Coordinator. The Title IV-E Stipend Committee will review all applications prior to the selection of the stipend recipient(s). DHR and social work program representatives will participate in the interview and selection process.

Once selected, the proposed recipient will receive a letter from the dean of The University of Alabama School of Social Work stipulating the proposed award and requesting the applicant accept or decline the award in writing. Once confirmation is received regarding the proposed recipient’s wishes to receive or reject the award, a meeting will be held for all award recipients with the Title IV-E Coordinator, at which time, the contracts will be reviewed and formal signing by the proposed recipients will be completed. Copies of the signed contracts will be mailed to recipients after receiving signatures from both the The University of Alabama School of Social Work and DHR.

Title IV-E Forms and Documents

DHR Forms and Documents

Stipend Recipient Responsibilities

1. Must complete a minimum of 400 field placement hours with DHR, if not currently employed with DHR. If currently employed with DHR, must accept appropriate placement related to permanency planning in child welfare, as determined by the University.

2. Must agree to work with a professional development coach a minimum of two hours per month during field placement and 18-month work obligation. The professional development coach will have extensive experience in the field of public child welfare and be knowledgeable of DHR policies and procedures.

3. Must submit his/her job application to the State of Alabama DHR during the first months of the semester of graduation. After review, the application will be forwarded to the State Personnel Department. Student will have the opportunity to indicate non-binding preference for three region locations at the time of application.

4. Students must make themselves available for appointment to positions within selected regions. Regions will be selected in consultation with the Title IV-E Coordinator based on preference and departmental need. Date of availability for interviews must coincide with date of application submission (date signed).

5. Upon completion of the placement, students are expected to accept employment if offered by any county within their selected regions.

6. Students must agree to take an entry level Social Worker position specific to the degree (BSW or MSW) earned. If employed by DHR, must agree to take a position specific to programmatic functions of the Family and Children’s Services Division. For further information contact the Title IV-E coordinator.

7. A copy of your transcript must be provided to DHR at any time upon request. The student is responsible to provide a copy of the final transcript to the Title IV-E Coordinator. This must be done no later than two (2) months following graduation.

Declining Employment Offers

The Department agrees to consider the student for employment the Student employment within three months after graduation unless precluded by merit system requirements, legislative budget cuts, or position freezes. Repayment of the stipend funds received will not be required in the following circumstances:

  • DHR has a freeze on positions
  • DHR is subject to budgetary constraints which precludes the offer of employment
  • Recipient becomes physically or mentally incapacitated or dies; and/or for other circumstances beyond the control of the recipient

If any employment interviews are declined, employment is declined, the student permanently withdraws from the Stipend Program or the student chooses not to pursue immediate employment with DHR, the student agrees to pay back to The University of Alabama the total amount of the stipend. Such payback must be within the schedule negotiated with the university. The student must agree to repay the total amount of the stipendif the student voluntarily leaves the employment of DHR before completing the period of obligation, is terminated by DHR due to non-performance before completing the period of obligation, or resigns/is terminated due to not obtaining social work licensure during probationary period. The student will be responsible for any and all court costs incurred by the department if student defaults on work obligation and repayment is pursued by the department.