Professional Development Coach

Stipend recipients will be assigned a professional development coach with extensive experience in the field of public child welfare and knowledge of DHR policies and procedures. The coach will provide approximately 2 hours per month of professional development on a variety of topics based on the needs of the stipend recipient during field placement and work obligation period. Coaching sessions count towards total field placement hours but cannot exceed 2 hours per month. Meetings can be held face-to-face, over the phone, or via video conference (Zoom, Face Time, etc.). The coaching support role will include the following:

  • Clarify and focus on the recipient’s goals and support their professional growth
  • Identify personal sources of energy and inspiration to fuel motivation
  • Work through barriers that may interfere with work/life satisfaction
  • Improve personal and professional communication skills
  • Discover or enhance a personal vision and mission

Professional development coaches will not be conducting case consultation.

Meeting with a professional development coach on a monthly basis during field placement and 18-month work obligation is a requirement of the IV-E Stipend Agreement. However, it is the responsibility of the stipend recipient to work with their field/DHR supervisor to ensure scheduled coaching sessions do not conflict with other student/employee responsibilities.