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Communication Requests

Welcome! This page contains directions and resources related to communications within the School of Social Work for our faculty, staff and students. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

SSW The Social Times

The Social Times is a semi-monthly publication sent to our SSW students.

Information posted to this site includes school announcements, academic deadlines, events, job listings and general school news.

If you would like something included in an upcoming issue, you can submit a request through our submission request site.

Submissions are due on the 15th & 30th of each month and will appear in the next issue, which is typically published a week following the due date.

SSW Social Media Requests

We are happy to post social media news regarding school announcements, upcoming events, academic deadlines, and faculty research accomplishments. Note that posts will be uploaded at the most optimal time for views unless a specific date or time is required.

Requests must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to desired upload date.

Requests for posts can be made at our social media request site. We will need the submissions to be provided in a format suitable for posting.

Templates can be found in Adobe Express and in our social media Box folder. See below for instructions on how to use each template folder.

Since social media platforms require templates in different sizes, we recommend that you duplicate your graphic in square and landscape format.

We have provided both sizes in PDF, where you can copy and paste the content in each form. The two formats are listed in Box as Social Media and Digital Signage.

In Adobe the two templates needed are Instagram and Facebook. You can also just resize your existing graphic once it is finished (as directed in the training video.) Just make sure to save a copy of your current graphic before you resize!

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is available to all UA faculty, staff and students.

To access your account, go to the sign-in page and click on “Log In With School Account.”

When you reach the login page, enter your and it will take you to the UA login site where you can enter your mybama login and password.

Adobe Express is very user-friendly, and we have templates specific to the School of Social Work that you can use, or you can design your own graphics.

For those new to Adobe Express or in need of a refresher, you can access our SSW tutorial conducted by OIT.

If you need access to our template library, please contact us at

Adobe Express Tutorial

PDF Templates

For those who are not comfortable learning Adobe Express, we have several templates available in PDF format. You can access these templates in UA Box. Once the template is open in Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can select Edit PDF under the Tools section to enter your desired text in the appropriate boxes. Please note that the templates in PDF format are limited to entering text only. You will not be able to rearrange the layout.

In order to maximize the platforms on which your news is posted, we recommend that you create the graphic in both sizes (landscape and

SSW Digital Signage Requests

Digital signage requests can be made by submitting a completed template via our communications request site.

We are only able to post requests to our signs in Little Hall. If you are requesting postings to the UA signage, you will need to submit a separate request through the UA request site. (For more information, contact us at

Digital signs require graphics in landscape format. If you want the information posted to Facebook and Instagram as well, you will need to create a graphic using our social media template. You will find both sizes available in our UA Box templates and in Adobe Express.

Request for Directory Changes/Updates

Requests to update items under your profile in the Faculty/Staff directory can be made through our School of Social Work Directory Profile Change Request Form. Please allow up to 5 business days for requested changes to be viewable on the website.

SSW Headshot Photography

To book a time to get a headshot photo from our Communications Specialist, visit our Headshot Booking Page.

You can schedule, reschedule, and cancel a headshot photography session from this booking site. Time slots are currently only listed during the morning. If the listed time slots are incompatible with your schedule, contact us at