BSW Program

151036_Social_Work_postcard_stockThe Dean, faculty, and staff of The University of Alabama School of Social Work welcome you to our BSW program website. Here you will find a variety of information about the BSW program at The University of Alabama School of Social Work.

The primary goal of the BSW program is to prepare students for generalist practice. Graduates are prepared to assist people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all kinds of problems in a variety of settings. As generalist practitioners, graduates are prepared with skills to assist individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities in achieving goals and solving problems. The program and its curriculum stress the value of diversity and the importance of the promotion of social and economic justice. The BSW is the first practice degree. Graduates of the program are expected to work in beginning-level positions under the supervision of an experienced MSW practitioner. A secondary goal of the BSW program is the preparation of students for graduate study in social work and related fields.

Students can declare a major in social work when they are freshmen, sophomores, or juniors. Admission to the professional program is a prerequisite for most 400-level courses. The Bachelor of Social Work degree is awarded to students who complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of course work as outlined in the BSW course requirements; achieve a ā€œCā€ or better in all required social work courses, including two social work electives; and have grade point averages of 2.25 overall and 2.50 in social work courses. An internship is required during the senior year.

The School of Social Work also offers a minor in Social Welfare. Requirements for an undergraduate minor in social welfare include: SW 100, SW 200, SW 351, and nine (9) additional hours of social work courses.

BSW Application Materials